Are penguins sad, or happy

What is being happy…

To fly is a very nice possibility, it’s what makes us happy, our wings. Our wish of reachings highs. I used to have wings. They were very beautiful, with lots of nice feathers. They were taking me to a fantasy world.
Sometimes happened that one feather fell off. That used to minimize my happiness because my feathers were very beautiful. But as long as I could fly, I managed to forget the fallen off feathers. Because when you still have enough of it, and when you are still able to fly then it’s not so hard to forget a few feathers, even though they were very beautiful.

What is being sad…

But, as time roll, when the number of lost feathers was higher, it started to make a difference. It started to hurt… The good thing is that I was still able to fly, but it became harder, I´ve got tired easily. But, as long as I could fly, I tried to reach the heights. I learned to try harder.

Today I think I can’t fly anymore. I lost track, but I think my last feather was taken. Because they were very beautiful, and because who knew that taking away one feather can make a difference. Noone, but one after another, it builds up. In the end, no feathers for me, no wings, no heights.

And what really matters…

Then I think to myself – penguins. They used to be able to fly, now they can’t. Time took their ability to fly. And what have they done? Did they stop trying? To fly, perhaps. But to be happy – never. They used their weakness and turned it into their strength. they can swim! Yes, they can, and how.
Am I going to become a penguin one day, maybe. Today certainly not. Tomorrow also not. But someday I will turn around and I will see myself swimming. Not today, but someday.
I won’t be missing heights, because I will be explorings depths. A new world, a very new beginning.
So no, I don’t think penguins are sad. I think they are brave and strong for not letting themselves go. they found a new way to be happy again. maybe even happier.

Who wore it… worse

What was your worst outfit? I have many of them. For example this morning, i was on my way to the basement in an outfit “whatever noone will see me”, and as I opened the door from my apartment, a neighbour came by, and then I met another one as walking down the stairs. Crowded with neighbours.

Unwanted neighbours

The best neighbours are those who you don’t see, don’t hear and don’t know. Except when you need help from someone. I meet my neighbours very very rarely, probably because we don’t have the same rhytme. Or if I may say, it is because they have rhytme, but I don’t. But this morning, as I was wearing my old leggins, some lousy T-shirt, big sporty white socks and old sneakers. Outfit in which I don’t like appearance in the mirror. And then, one neighbour, two neighbours. They saw me. Unpleasure appearance. I wish they didn’t, they wish they didn’t.

Breaking the record

Normaly, as I said before, I meet my neighbours very rarely. Let’s say, one in a week. So, why today extraordinary has happen, 3 of in the hallway at the time. Unhealthy enviroment. Definitely unhealthy.

And then again

But neighbours are good, no man is an island, as they say. It is good to be surrounded with people. Especially when you are an idiot like me who has tendenties to lock itself outside apartment. They are there to help, and I am lucky to have them. So lucky that I decided not to scare poor people around, and I will wear my hair and clothes properly in situation which require stepping out of my apartment, no matter if it is only to pick up mail, or to take over delivery, pizza or lasagne.

Being an idiot funny

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well, it can be funny, if it ends up good. My funny story of being an idiot begins with an excitement. We ordered a sofa. It was very good offer so we ordered it online without even seeing it live. We have picked up a delivery date that matches with my day off. It was a sunny Thursday. As usual I started my day pretty early with my morning coffee. Looked up on the app to see the delivery status. It said they are going to be there between 1 and 4 pm. So I waited. And then I got a call that they will be there in approximately half an hour. I was so excited. Like a little child. So, I was looking through my kitchen window so I can see the delivery truck parking. And it did. I went downstairs to main entrance of the building so I can open the door to make it easier for the carrier. I opened the door and waited.

The man approached and he asked if he could see my apartment first so they can easier carry it in. The idiot me agreed and we climbed the 6 stairs to my apartment. I said it was 1st floor so the man was happy about it. And then…

A problem

We saw it, we saw my closed entrance door – CLOSED. And I had no key. Idiot, or what. That was sooooo stupid. How could I have forgotten the key?!? The delivery man didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I was pretty embarrassed.


I thought first they can bring the sofa to the entrance and I can wait my husband to come from work (in three hours) so the two of us carry it inside. But I remembered leaving a kitchen window open so I offered an alternative (not so bad idea for an idiot). In case they have some latter someone can climb through the window and open the door for us from inside. Luckily they had some latter, but pretty short one.

One of the delivery guys climbed up and it was so funny, he was afraid if I had a dog inside, but since my answer was negative his only worry was about someone seeing him climb through the window in someones apartment.

I repeat that I was still so embarrassed.

Who in the world looks itself outside the apartment when furniture delivery comes?!? Idiot.

So luckily it didn’t take long till the three of them brought the thing inside and went.

I think I made their day so funny. He said that they deliver a lot but this thing never happened.

I mean what are the odds.

Next time when you order delivery, remember my story and don’t try to help like I did with opening the main entrance door. Or any other way. That is why they invented inter-phone and doorbell.

Women are magicians

Random item “what are you looking for”

How do I know my husband is searching something in a room? It is pretty easy to recognize that pose. He stands quietly in a middle of the room and waits. Waits for me to ask “what are you looking for” so he tells me what he needs and I give him coordinates of a wanted item.

You know, even if you need a plate (that stays believe it or not in the kitchen), he will still be standing in a living room (if I am there) and wait to be asked the famous question “what are you looking for”.

Daily agony

Or there is another type or searching, and that is when he is in a hurry. Most of the time he is looking for keys, wallet or something that he put somewhere evening before. I am lying in bed and looking how he searches something.

He walks anxiously from a room to a room. Pretty upset. And then I step up to stop his agony and say “your keys are on the kitchen window”. Or “your wallet is on the TV sideboard”. And everything is nice and peaceful again, I can go to sleep again.

I wonder if he would act the same if he lived alone. Is this kind of his behavior developed because of my help or his agony in searching would have really lasted longer without my help. And this is not just a isolated case. All my female friends can confirm that these things happen in every household that involves a male person living there.

But I still can’t stop to wonder, why and how can’t they sometimes just remember where some things belong. Is it a problem to put keys everyday on a same place, so you just automatically pick them up on your way out and avoid all this trouble almost every day. And I can add thousands of examples. When he looks for his favorite T-shirt in a closet it is not there, but as soon as I walk into a room and open a closet – there it is. Unbelievable or? Are we women real magicians or what, I cant find another explanation.

Make up trouble

This is a story from a common girl to all common girls who wish to use make up. Somehow it doesn’t always work the right way. For all you make up artist out there, feel free to laugh at our trouble.

The very beggining and a lot of cotton pads

I don’t know how you handle it. Every time I put make up on, I need more cotton pads and cotton sticks then make up accessorizes. I mean, starting foundation – you apply it and smear it and it looks good. But if you look at yourself at daily light… you notice that something went wrong, it is too dry (for example). And what you do, of course, you take it off (1 cotton pad) and you moisture your face again, and then you repeat the process.

Step two

Ok, next step. Eyeliner. Well, if applying eyeliner doesn’t deserve special place in CV as special skills than I don’t know what does. You start from your nose to the edges of the eye (expert advice), and in the half way it leads you up almost to your eyebrows (1 cotton stick to repair). Second try, you finally hold your hand steady and make a nice thin line, but end line curve goes wrong (1 cotton stick to repair). And because all good things come in three, third appliance goes successful (if you have a lucky day). As soon as you think you have handle it, second eye calls you for a duel. You repeat all steps, just like you did it on first eye, but somehow the line looks thicker/thinner, shorter/longer. And you do it again again and again (3 – 7 cotton pads or sticks). In the end, you either remove eyeliner from both of your eyes, or just stay confident and hope that it is in the end not such HUGE difference, and that no one will even notice.

Don’t even start with eyeshadow. Because if you did good with eyeliner, dont try your luck any more with those things.

But you can do mascara. At least thats easy. Of course, if you dont have too long, too short, too curly, or too straight lashes. And if you have your perfect match mascara that doesnt stick your lashes togeher.

And of course. Its good to have cotton stick nearby cause you might wanna need to remove mascara from your eyelid or under eye circle, but still – do not touch eyeliner!!!

Almost good to go, just a bit of lipstick and you are good to go. Dont tell me you also like red? I do. Red, purple, grey. You know, just those who dont let you do mistakes. Few cotton pads recomended and a bit of foundation will do to fix those dark shadows around your lips.

So, a bit of trouble for a simple daily make up.

Expert level

Evening make up, and all those contouring and other science fiction stuff are not even a subject for a woman like me.

Well at least I have perfected nail polishing, we cant be good in all things, cant we.

At least you know you are not alone, there are woman like you and me, struggling to manage all this beauty stuff.

Finding true love

I have listened once a speech that Steve Jobs gave to students. He was talking about connecting dots. In a way that you will stumble various situations in your life, most of them will seem useless, but nothing you ever learn can be useless. All the situation you encounter are lessons, or dots you need to memorize and learn from then. Until the time you are able to connect the dots. Then you can be successful, and that is the time you will be able to see the whole picture. Without the dots, picture can’t be clearly seen.This way of thinking can be applied in all life situations. The one in business as well as in love.

Real life love story

There is a friend of mine. Just a normal girl, studying and struggling to make her carrier. To fulfill her dream, a dream that we all have – to be useful and successful in our lives.But something was missing. Like in most life stories – you can’t have it all. Good student, decent person willing to help. But sometimes unhappy. Because all dots weren’t connected.

She had few relationships, some were good, other ones not so. But until you make few mistakes in your life, it’s harder to find solution. Trying and failing makes us stronger of we learn to take advantage of our fails.

She felt like she was missing something something in her life, and it was love.

But she also new that you can’t force these things to happen. So she decided to live an wait.

And she did. But she was on her friends wedding (a.k.a mine) and felt the beauty of the love in the air that she wished the same for her. And she decided to wish it stronger. Not to lose hope, to wish it and to wait.

And then…

Just a few months later, a nice guy walked into her life and change her whole being. Not her as a person, not her essential, but he woke up the best in her.

It is marvelous to see her smile when she is around him, and even when he is not physically there.

Makes you think that there is actually “the right person” out there, or how some people like to call it “your other half”. She found hers.

She said once she doesn’t feel like she deserves that kind of beautiful and perfect person in her life, but I would say that he is not perfect. None is perfect, not her, not him. They are just mature enough to recognize what they want from life, and in life.

When you are too young, when you are not mature enough, you search for perfection in a wrong way. Sometimes you go for the looks, or you search for a specific thing in a person to have. But then when you are mature, when you made some mistakes, you had a chance to learn wrong from right, you had a chance to neglect the surface and follow the trace that leads inside. To learn to recognize, what I would say are, the right choices.

Even when you look at their still, spontaneous pictures you can see the happiness in their eyes. Because it is not about that who the person near you is, it is about what can that person wake up in you. If you find someone who can make you smile, every day – it’s the one. A person that makes you wanna be a better person, the one that wakes up spring in your soul. And a person that makes your soul laugh. “The one” is that person that wakes up your feelings even for other people, makes you more compassionate , make you wanna stay in touch with the world around you. When you can even say “I am happy”. But really mean it. You won the lottery of your life

Decorative curtains


Decorating your home area is always hard work, today you like this, and tomorrow that.

But there are few easy things you can do to make your living area refreshed without spending a lot of money, or doing huge makeovers.
You can do that with nice curtains. When you dont like them anymore – just take them of, and its new place again.

Bright one

For big living room, with a lot of light, I suggest you to take yellow, thick one. They wont take away your light with their color, but they will sure protect you from sun when you need them.

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Second choice curtains

As always I give you another option, but still let us not forget our focus of decoration that can be pretty but also very useful. Decorative curtains come in various colors, and most people go for darker ones when it comes to decorating bedroom. Here is my choice of design, and you choose your favorite color.

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Short decorative courtains

If you are more into short courtains, there is a solution for you too. Honestly I am not a fan of short courtains but when I saw these, I thought this would look perfect in a room with large and high position windows. Because if you cover large windows with large courtains, it takes away your space. But if you do it with a bit shorter one – you just got the bingo. Luckily it comes in various colors, so you actually have choice no matter what your main color in living area is.

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The big “I do”

Or you may also call the THE WEDDING. So, what when is 6 month away. I know the best, cause mine comes in 6 months. Well that was a little lie, because I have no idea what to do. I am marrying for the first time, how am I suppose to know. Plus I am not “dream about this day” type of a girl. I have no idea what wedding dress am I going to wear. You ask yourself when to get ready? Let me try to help. From my experience, if you want a big wedding (let say circa 400 guests), than you have to think about 3 things in advance, and when I say in advance I mean almost year in advance. Three most important things are the place (location), photographer and band.

How it works

How wedding works. First you get engaged and you are happy about it during the time you share good news with people who you are close to. And then. Boom. You already have to prepare yourself to prepare a wedding. Most of the people marry just once, and have no idea what they are suppose to do. And of course, we all want a wedding like no other.

The plan

So first thing first. You have to decide the date, and place. In my case, I found a place and than chose from their available dates one that suits me and my boyfriend the most.

Next step is to hire a photographer, and that is not easy thing to do, because now when you have a specific date, not all of the good ones are available, so choose wisely.

And sugar in the end, the band. Most of the time music is the most important thing on a wedding. They keep the atmosphere just in a right level in a right time. They rule, they lead. And if you already have specific date, you can expect some obstacles cause some of them might not be available. And that goes only if you are trying to book only year in advance (my experience).

And then you have it all. Just kidding. Now are coming all the details which take most of your time, money and nerves. Invitations, thanks cards/gifts, decoration, wedding dress, rings, shoes, suit, tie, colors, shapes… and then you are lost.

If I may advice you, take it easy. It will all be just fine.

Are wedding menus necessary? Not, if you ask me. Your guests are there because of you two, not the food you are serving. Whether you put those extra menus or not, no-one will notice. Save yourself at least that trouble.


Even though you are preparing wedding for the guests, and you want to make sure everything goes just right, you have to think about yourself also, keep calm, take it easy and smile.

Whatever goes wrong, it will just one more memorable thing to laugh at in few years.

Do not worry about flowers, if your guest are there because of you, they will not notice if your flowers decorations did not go as you planned to. Do not worry about shoes. Buy comfortable ones so you can dance all night, wear Converse Chucks, who cares as long as you have fun.

It is your party. If you are preparing it for you and your man, than relax about the shoes, just dance… if you are preparing it for your guests, than also relax, because people like happy and relaxed people, and if your feet are sour because of uncomfortable fancy shoes, than noone is happy.

Stay calm, cool, and enjoy. It will all be over sooner then you think.

TV Series

I enjoy watching movies, series.. especially thrillers, actions, crime.. and I have a partner, my husband, he does not share my love for seventh art. He cannot be still and watch with me, he “sleeps” most of the time, and keeps questioning me during the movie that I am also watching for the first time. So in the end, we decided just to avoid that, I am watching movies on my own time, alone.

Turning point

And then… a miracle happened. He was talking to a friend and that friend made some comparison with Del Boy (Only fools and horses), and my man told me he has never seen an episode from “Only fools and horses”.

I was shocked so we decided to give it a try. And he liked it. We watch it together every day, only an episode or two a day.

This is the first time we enjoyed some series together, and it makes our together time even nicer. We laugh together more, it is like Del Boy and Rodney improved our relationship in a way. It is too bad that there are only 8 seasons to watch (plus few episodes from season 9).

Only fools and horses gave me a hope about sharing my passion with my man.

Phone breakdown

Remark: Not relevant for Nokia 3310 owners.

I am sure we all had one of those. In one way or another our phones are like really good friends (boyfriends/girlfriends) – you can’t live with them, can’t without them. Especially if you are person like me. I just don’t have luck when it comes to gadgets, especially mobile phones. As my last phone broke down I was wondering – why me, why again. Why is my phone broken. But then again I am wondering home come I’m still not used to that. When you brake 4 phones in a row and 2 previous get stolen, you would have think it’s something to get used to. Anyways, it’s just broken glass, the phone itself works pretty well, though little warrior.

When it comes to it…

So what to do with broken phone. If you’re lucky (like me) and you fight with broken glass, just keep your head up and call it a piece of art. You are special and so is your phone. You can always daydream looking at it and imagine different shapes that the broken glass gives. If you’re less lucky, then your less lucky, break the piggy jar and buy yourself a new one. My advice (previous experience) – don’t buy a lousy one, because sooner or later it will fail you when you need it the most (but don’t you always need it the most). And if you’re lucky and have insurance on it, then your lucky to get a new one pretty soon. That’s what good about broken phone with insurance.

Anyways no matter when it happens, and why it happens it always gives you a little breakdown, as it breaks. Funny thing – if some of you are short tempered, I am sure you tried to break it yourself in state of anger, but somehow, that little funny gadget can survive it. Dangerous things are – falling down from 20 cm high while your sitting and chatting with someone. Who would it say that is so dangerous.

My mom told me I shouldn’t be having phone at all. Or eventually something like Nokia 3310. Note to all readers owning Nokia phone – thank you for reading, and sorry for wasting your time, this subject is for you science fictional fantasy.


So what do you think, is the phone insurance worth it, seems like I’m the kind of person they invented it for, but every time you buy a new phone – you overthink it, “maybe this time it will last till I decide on my own that I want a better one”, “It’s too much money and I will keep my eyes better on this one”. And it never is. And you rarely do.