The backpack

Backpack made its way from school to trendsetters. Incredible jump in a fashion world. Who would have said it will become a must have item. But if you have one, or are you wishing yourself one then you know what I am talking about. Keeping your stuff safe, and your hands free. Bingo!

The elegant backpack

Let us start with trendsetters. Practical, very elegant and gentle backpack, for ladies who never even dream about wearing a backpack. But a woman has to keep up with the trends. And still, not to waste money.

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The black blackpack

Riding a bike, late again. The red light on the traffic light is guilty again. You still have to print those papers. Luckily all your documents and maps fit perfect in your bag on your back. And you look as stylish as never before.

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The old school one

Little miss princess, you like soft fabrics, nice and gentle colors. Your jeans jacket with a breath of old school. I have just the right thing for you. Big pocket, small pocket. Very light but very strong, just like yourself.

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