You think you have a good one? You probably do. It has to be practical and long lasting. It has to keep up with all your new shopping cards, customer cards, gift cards and of course, but not least important your money and credit cards. Also good idea as a gift to a close person of yours, and don’t forget if you are giving someone a wallet as a gift it is a custom to put some money in to, so the owner never stays without a money in it, as a lucky charm.

Leather wallet

The all time leather wallet. Keeps your cards and money in the order. It is practical, you have enough space for change money as well as for all your useful cards. It can keep up with you even if you are wearing different value money. Not to give someone dollars instead of euros. When it comes to leather wallet I choose brown one.

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If you are not so much into cash and you like your cards, and of course your precious space in a bag, a little colorful wallet is the right for you. Bright color, two separate departments – for cards and cash. And fits in every bag and the price… you don’t have to worry about staying without your money.

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The last but not least, classic soft wallet, more into cards than cash. It has good organized space for change money. For good organized woman who likes practical stuff. Enjoy your new leather peace of accessories.

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