You think you have a good one? You probably do. It has to be practical and long lasting. It has to keep up with all your new shopping cards, customer cards, gift cards and of course, but not least important your money and credit cards. Also good idea as a gift to a close person of yours, and don’t forget if you are giving someone a wallet as a gift it is a custom to put some money in to, so the owner never stays without a money in it, as a lucky charm.

Leather wallet

The all time leather wallet. Keeps your cards and money in the order. It is practical, you have enough space for change money as well as for all your useful cards. It can keep up with you even if you are wearing different value money. Not to give someone dollars instead of euros. When it comes to leather wallet I choose brown one.

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If you are not so much into cash and you like your cards, and of course your precious space in a bag, a little colorful wallet is the right for you. Bright color, two separate departments – for cards and cash. And fits in every bag and the price… you don’t have to worry about staying without your money.

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The last but not least, classic soft wallet, more into cards than cash. It has good organized space for change money. For good organized woman who likes practical stuff. Enjoy your new leather peace of accessories.

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Not a lot to say. We all know it has its purpose, but why not have a stylish shopper. Make up your mind and choose one.


Should I say more. And still it doesn’t look like those classical beach see-through bags. This one you can wear practically everyday. And color blue makes you more stylish.

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Vintage is your middle name, and this is your bag. Broken jeans, or nice cozy sweater. Even a flower print. Whatever you want, whenever you need. Nice soft leather, nice low price.

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The classical black leather. With an extra pocket outside, pretty useful but still elegant. All time design, soft bag that keeps in more than you can even think of. For a little more money you get a lot of space and quality, you buy this kind of a bag once and you have it for decade. The name speaks for it self.

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Big black bag

Intro on triple B

We all know little black dress rule, well there is also a big black bag rule. Imagine a bag that fits with 83% of your outfits. A bag that goes with you to work, to a coffee with your friends, to a first date or even to a grocery market. I told you before, you don’t have to have thousands, one will work, if it is the right one.

Small business trip, weekend for two, visit to your parents. All these things include a little bit of cosmetic product, a dress or two, maybe jeans or skirt, and a t-shirt. Spare shoes and socks are always good to have. So you need a weekender and your standard bag because you don’t want to walk around with your weekender.

Well, wroooong. A picked out for your something you have to have in your closet. Weather you are business lady, dr. Martens punk girl, or a grandmother, this is the right choice.

I know budget plays a role as I said before, so I will be fair and let you make your choice. They are all fabulous, just choose what suits you.

Sportish black bag

A trendy bag for sporty look. If your going on a rainy day, to keep your socks and make-up dry.

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Casual black bag

If you’re into some casual bags, you can wear it on the shoulder or in hand, it’s pretty practical, keeps you cool no matter what outfit you are wearing. Almost the perfect choice.

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Leather black bag

A leather bag for a good price, a lot of outer pockets, for your phone, keys and wet wipes. So no one should call you twice, you can find your phone in no time. It’s definitely investment for more seasons to come.

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Clutch bag

Coffee in your favorite coffee shop, or a special occasion dinner, or shopping day when you know you will be coming home with a lot of bags, and only to bring your wallet does not seems to be a good idea because you still need your smartphone, your wipes, and your mascara.

Clutch is the answer. And I know when your hear clutch you think on a long dress on a red carpet. Well let me advise you, clutch is all occasion bag. But be careful, there are different styles, and I will guide you through.

We will have to have subcategories this time.Let us start with evening clutch, our first idea of wearing a clutch bag. As always you have 3 choices.

The black clutch

And there is a bingo, if you are wearing any kind of a dress, a little black clutch with a chain will make you look fabulous, it can hold your favorite belongings and still does not ruin your look. Black dress, red dress, any color, pimp up your style, or make the bag invisible, with this one is everything possible. Always good to have.

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The special clutch

If you like to put an accent on your bag I would say this baroque bag will do just fine, modern granny bag with crystals and rocks makes you shine through the night.

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The elegant clutch

Elegant and nice, for a true lady, goes in every summer occasion. No matter are your wearing a cocktail dress, flower print or a pencil skirt in any color. This blush colored clutch makes you look like a true lady.

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Daily clutch

So i was saying, there are clutch bags for daily usage. I mean jeans, ac/dc t-shirts or converse shoes, or even business clutch, or coffee clutch.

Here are my choices for you my stylish ladies.

The black one

The one to wrap around your wrist and put your hand in a pocket. Keeps your belongings near to you. No more to say. Except extraordinary price

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The invisible one

The invisible bag, fits to almost everything, nice suite, jeans or A skirt, put it around your wrist and you can even ride your bicycle on your way to coffee.

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The casual one

If you are into casual color and style, leather is the only thing I can image you with. Neutral color, even with a winter boots make you look stylish and not „too much“ whenever you need it.

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The backpack

Backpack made its way from school to trendsetters. Incredible jump in a fashion world. Who would have said it will become a must have item. But if you have one, or are you wishing yourself one then you know what I am talking about. Keeping your stuff safe, and your hands free. Bingo!

The elegant backpack

Let us start with trendsetters. Practical, very elegant and gentle backpack, for ladies who never even dream about wearing a backpack. But a woman has to keep up with the trends. And still, not to waste money.

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The black blackpack

Riding a bike, late again. The red light on the traffic light is guilty again. You still have to print those papers. Luckily all your documents and maps fit perfect in your bag on your back. And you look as stylish as never before.

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The old school one

Little miss princess, you like soft fabrics, nice and gentle colors. Your jeans jacket with a breath of old school. I have just the right thing for you. Big pocket, small pocket. Very light but very strong, just like yourself.

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