Clutch bag

Coffee in your favorite coffee shop, or a special occasion dinner, or shopping day when you know you will be coming home with a lot of bags, and only to bring your wallet does not seems to be a good idea because you still need your smartphone, your wipes, and your mascara.

Clutch is the answer. And I know when your hear clutch you think on a long dress on a red carpet. Well let me advise you, clutch is all occasion bag. But be careful, there are different styles, and I will guide you through.

We will have to have subcategories this time.Let us start with evening clutch, our first idea of wearing a clutch bag. As always you have 3 choices.

The black clutch

And there is a bingo, if you are wearing any kind of a dress, a little black clutch with a chain will make you look fabulous, it can hold your favorite belongings and still does not ruin your look. Black dress, red dress, any color, pimp up your style, or make the bag invisible, with this one is everything possible. Always good to have.

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The special clutch

If you like to put an accent on your bag I would say this baroque bag will do just fine, modern granny bag with crystals and rocks makes you shine through the night.

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The elegant clutch

Elegant and nice, for a true lady, goes in every summer occasion. No matter are your wearing a cocktail dress, flower print or a pencil skirt in any color. This blush colored clutch makes you look like a true lady.

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