Decorative curtains


Decorating your home area is always hard work, today you like this, and tomorrow that.

But there are few easy things you can do to make your living area refreshed without spending a lot of money, or doing huge makeovers.
You can do that with nice curtains. When you dont like them anymore – just take them of, and its new place again.

Bright one

For big living room, with a lot of light, I suggest you to take yellow, thick one. They wont take away your light with their color, but they will sure protect you from sun when you need them.

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Second choice curtains

As always I give you another option, but still let us not forget our focus of decoration that can be pretty but also very useful. Decorative curtains come in various colors, and most people go for darker ones when it comes to decorating bedroom. Here is my choice of design, and you choose your favorite color.

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Short decorative courtains

If you are more into short courtains, there is a solution for you too. Honestly I am not a fan of short courtains but when I saw these, I thought this would look perfect in a room with large and high position windows. Because if you cover large windows with large courtains, it takes away your space. But if you do it with a bit shorter one – you just got the bingo. Luckily it comes in various colors, so you actually have choice no matter what your main color in living area is.

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Flowers in pot

You have to have something alive in your living area. Flowers in pot give you feeling of home and warmth. And that is reflection you want to send to others who visit you also. No matter if you like big pots in corners or small pots on windows you will definitely feel better after you get one.


I think cactus looks very attractive, and if you get pot with more then just one in it,  it becomes also perfect deco. And it doesn’t require a lot of care. One thing about cactus – choose wisely where to put it and let it always stay there. Because cactus can stand a lot, but moving from one place to another kills it. So, it doesn’t matter if you put ti in dark corner, in bathroom, on window under the morning sun – cactus will adapt, but just don’t move from there.

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A palm looks very chick. Of course it is definitely not a window plant, but it brightens up the corner you like to brighten up. They look royal, and definitely bring the green within. Don’t forget to change the pot as the plant grows.

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Bonsai, the wood of life, the plant of life. Artistic, modern, all time plant. No matter if in office, kitchen or living room. My favorite, definitely. It comes in so many beautiful shapes and of course you can shape it yourself as it grows. It doesn’t require too much trouble to stay alive, you just worry about the shape.

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Sitting stool

I mean the one with storage place. Very useful thing if I may say so. Outside stylish and orderly, and inside whatever you like, it is like your personal box of surprise. Toys, old DVD s, newspapers you don’t want to get rid off because there were useful stories, pillows, or even bedsheets. It’s your little storage in front of eyes of everyone, but still no one knows what hides inside.

It looks good, stylish, useful as a chair for unexpected amount of guests. No matter if you have one or many, they are always good to have, even if you use it as s storage boxes in the corner of your room, it will poke your eyes less then some carton boxes.

Unusual shape

Wonderful sitting stool with storage room in unusual shape, and also comes in different colors. It can be very useful to use on your balcony also. It is easy to take it inside if it rains, and looks very stylish in every corner of the room. I would suggest combination of different colors.

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Classic shape

If you are into classical shapes (but not the colors) I have found a perfect one for you. No matter if it goes to kids room, living room, balcony or a terrace, fits and looks good. If you are using it for your kids room it can be useful as a game to play for your kids. Tell them to make the box by themselves and that the goal is to put as many toys possible inside to win the game. You get their room cleaned from toys on the floor, and they get to play. I suggest various colors.

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Big one

The bigger the better. In this case I would agree with the saying. Gives you more space to store, looks very stylish because of non-classical wooden legs and attached cover. It looks pretty modern and it fits in every room, no matter if your furniture is traditional because wooden legs make this piece also fitting, or if you have more modern styled furniture. It brightens up the area and allows you to fit more belongings inside. Very grateful piece of furniture or deco.

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Couch table

I don’t think there is a living room without couch table. It is the center of everything in the room. You gather around it like it is some tribal fire. It is very important piece of furniture when it comes to living room. And you kind a get used to it so it is good to find the perfect one. Invest in it and fell in love with it. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one, it just has to be the one. The one you feel comfortable looking at, the one that will be practical for many years to come, and of course the one that looks stylish.

Fancy couch table

If your living room is a bit luxurious or you would like to make it look so, it’s nice to have black and gold combination. Glass surface for shine makes it even more luxurious. A glimpse of modern in combination with luxury is something you can definitely fall in love with. Even if you don’t put anything on it, it speaks with its shine for itself, but it can sure handle a nice vase with flowers, or scented candles.

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Retro table

The retro one. Dark wood with baskets under it, makes your living room always look nice and clean because of a storage place under it. Store magazines you still want to read, or decorations for who you don’t have enough room at the time on the table. Er your favorite cookies you eat only with your afternoon coffee or tea. But since baskets are removable let your imagination work…

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Classic is classic. Clean white couch table with two drawers that keep your table clean at anytime. Very useful may also be the board on its bottom. I personally like to keep a lot of stuff on my table (remote control, candles, glass of water, coffee, candies) and most of the time it is too much, so instead of moving all your things on the other place, just put it on the board on the bottom and looks nice and tidy in no time. With its white elegant color as well as dimensions can find home in a lot of homes.

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If you are renting an apartment and you are not willing to make some huge makeovers you can still find a way to personalize your living area. If you are not into painting walls I advise you to try with some customize wallpapers. Give your touch to your four walls. They can really contribute with positive effects. Whether you want to make your bedroom more relaxing and peaceful place to sleep, or you enjoy in freshness of a kitchen area. Those little pieces of (wall)papers are just the thing you are looking for. I will guide you through some of my personal favorites and make it a bit easier for you.

Wall panel

If you are tired of your boring walls, but you still don’t like too much of a color than 3D wallpapers are the right choice for you. They look good, your place looks decorated but it doesn’t require from you to spend a lot of money. Make your place a bit luxurious. And you can do it yourself. It fits to any room you wish to refresh.

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Rustic wallpaper

How about a rustic wallpaper. I love it. When you enter an area with those on the wall it makes you feel warm around your heart. Makes you feel like home. When I say “home” a mean a comfortable old place that you are tided to with a lot of memories. They are suitable for a place with traditional furniture and not too much of it. But still, your place, your furniture, your choice.

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Photo wallpaper

If you don’t want to cover the whole wall but you still want to refresh it.Or cover some holes or stains on the wall, I have found something just perfect. When I look at it, it feels like freshness. I love the splashing water, and I like an orange in it. Perfect for kitchen or dining area. And of course I like those uneven edges, it doesn’t look like a wallpaper, more like a paining on your wall.

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Side table

Oooh I love those, don’t you. I use one for candles, one for flowers in vase, and one just for anything that feels good at a moment. I use one as a mobile side table, when friends come they get their own table for their coffee, I make them feel special that way. Or to put a laptop beside your bed in a perfect position while I watch some movie. Or to put an old phone that I use in decoration purpose only. I don’t know, I feel like those side tables give every place something special, makes every corner has its purpose. Just choose what would you like to highlight it with.

Good thing about them is that they are pretty small, preferable not heavy and try to have them in different styles to make your living place more like you, relaxed and joyful.

The classical side table

Let us start with the classical one, I think every second household has one of these somewhere in the house. But why to cover it, on neglect it. Make it your own special thing. Use all four edges that it gives you. Old bouquet of flowers that dried, candles or Christmas lights. All those things that you put in a basement you can put in your living room and let it brighten your space and mind


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The retro side table

If you like natural things, a bit of retro and glimpse of old fashion than this is the one for you. Imagine putting some old phone you find in your parents basement. And then under put a telephone book, if you can find. Or just put any kind of book. Every time you look at it it can take you back to childhood memories. Those when you actually were sitting next to the phone waiting for a call from a friend in time when smartphones and internet were still long away from their discovery.

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The special side table

If you are into special design, then I have a side table for you. It doesn’t require any kind of extras, it speaks for it self, but still there is room for a lamp or candle, or a nice vase. I prefer color white, but the choice is all yours.

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A lamp

You know what is good to style up your living area. Your answer is in the headline. A lamp. And not just any kind of it, but one of those I advise you to get. Brightens up the corner, gives your signature to the living room, and as a decoration does 70% of all you need to have in your living room except the furniture. As always I give you three options, and you choose.

Industrial lamp

If you are into industrial design, and you have modern styled living room, then this is the one you are looking for. Neutral color, perfect style. You probably won’t be using the standard light you used to after you put this beauty in your living room.

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Flower lamp

A five headed monster, if it can fit in your living room – buy it. It looks gorgeous, like a bouquet of flowers that lights up your day. Even at day time when you don’t need it for light, it will definitely be part of your living room that takes all eyes on her. I like the fact that there are white glass bowls on it, makes the space brighter.

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Retro lamp

And of course the retro lamp, it brings a dash of 50’s in your living room, or it can make your bed room more romantic. Silky material shines even with the light of. Traditional design, very elegant, almost like in fairy tales.

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