Couch table

I don’t think there is a living room without couch table. It is the center of everything in the room. You gather around it like it is some tribal fire. It is very important piece of furniture when it comes to living room. And you kind a get used to it so it is good to find the perfect one. Invest in it and fell in love with it. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one, it just has to be the one. The one you feel comfortable looking at, the one that will be practical for many years to come, and of course the one that looks stylish.

Fancy couch table

If your living room is a bit luxurious or you would like to make it look so, it’s nice to have black and gold combination. Glass surface for shine makes it even more luxurious. A glimpse of modern in combination with luxury is something you can definitely fall in love with. Even if you don’t put anything on it, it speaks with its shine for itself, but it can sure handle a nice vase with flowers, or scented candles.

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Retro table

The retro one. Dark wood with baskets under it, makes your living room always look nice and clean because of a storage place under it. Store magazines you still want to read, or decorations for who you don’t have enough room at the time on the table. Er your favorite cookies you eat only with your afternoon coffee or tea. But since baskets are removable let your imagination work…

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Classic is classic. Clean white couch table with two drawers that keep your table clean at anytime. Very useful may also be the board on its bottom. I personally like to keep a lot of stuff on my table (remote control, candles, glass of water, coffee, candies) and most of the time it is too much, so instead of moving all your things on the other place, just put it on the board on the bottom and looks nice and tidy in no time. With its white elegant color as well as dimensions can find home in a lot of homes.

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