A lamp

You know what is good to style up your living area. Your answer is in the headline. A lamp. And not just any kind of it, but one of those I advise you to get. Brightens up the corner, gives your signature to the living room, and as a decoration does 70% of all you need to have in your living room except the furniture. As always I give you three options, and you choose.

Industrial lamp

If you are into industrial design, and you have modern styled living room, then this is the one you are looking for. Neutral color, perfect style. You probably won’t be using the standard light you used to after you put this beauty in your living room.

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Flower lamp

A five headed monster, if it can fit in your living room – buy it. It looks gorgeous, like a bouquet of flowers that lights up your day. Even at day time when you don’t need it for light, it will definitely be part of your living room that takes all eyes on her. I like the fact that there are white glass bowls on it, makes the space brighter.

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Retro lamp

And of course the retro lamp, it brings a dash of 50’s in your living room, or it can make your bed room more romantic. Silky material shines even with the light of. Traditional design, very elegant, almost like in fairy tales.

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