Flowers in pot

You have to have something alive in your living area. Flowers in pot give you feeling of home and warmth. And that is reflection you want to send to others who visit you also. No matter if you like big pots in corners or small pots on windows you will definitely feel better after you get one.


I think cactus looks very attractive, and if you get pot with more then just one in it,  it becomes also perfect deco. And it doesn’t require a lot of care. One thing about cactus – choose wisely where to put it and let it always stay there. Because cactus can stand a lot, but moving from one place to another kills it. So, it doesn’t matter if you put ti in dark corner, in bathroom, on window under the morning sun – cactus will adapt, but just don’t move from there.

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A palm looks very chick. Of course it is definitely not a window plant, but it brightens up the corner you like to brighten up. They look royal, and definitely bring the green within. Don’t forget to change the pot as the plant grows.

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Bonsai, the wood of life, the plant of life. Artistic, modern, all time plant. No matter if in office, kitchen or living room. My favorite, definitely. It comes in so many beautiful shapes and of course you can shape it yourself as it grows. It doesn’t require too much trouble to stay alive, you just worry about the shape.

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