Side table

Oooh I love those, don’t you. I use one for candles, one for flowers in vase, and one just for anything that feels good at a moment. I use one as a mobile side table, when friends come they get their own table for their coffee, I make them feel special that way. Or to put a laptop beside your bed in a perfect position while I watch some movie. Or to put an old phone that I use in decoration purpose only. I don’t know, I feel like those side tables give every place something special, makes every corner has its purpose. Just choose what would you like to highlight it with.

Good thing about them is that they are pretty small, preferable not heavy and try to have them in different styles to make your living place more like you, relaxed and joyful.

The classical side table

Let us start with the classical one, I think every second household has one of these somewhere in the house. But why to cover it, on neglect it. Make it your own special thing. Use all four edges that it gives you. Old bouquet of flowers that dried, candles or Christmas lights. All those things that you put in a basement you can put in your living room and let it brighten your space and mind


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The retro side table

If you like natural things, a bit of retro and glimpse of old fashion than this is the one for you. Imagine putting some old phone you find in your parents basement. And then under put a telephone book, if you can find. Or just put any kind of book. Every time you look at it it can take you back to childhood memories. Those when you actually were sitting next to the phone waiting for a call from a friend in time when smartphones and internet were still long away from their discovery.

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The special side table

If you are into special design, then I have a side table for you. It doesn’t require any kind of extras, it speaks for it self, but still there is room for a lamp or candle, or a nice vase. I prefer color white, but the choice is all yours.

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