Sitting stool

I mean the one with storage place. Very useful thing if I may say so. Outside stylish and orderly, and inside whatever you like, it is like your personal box of surprise. Toys, old DVD s, newspapers you don’t want to get rid off because there were useful stories, pillows, or even bedsheets. It’s your little storage in front of eyes of everyone, but still no one knows what hides inside.

It looks good, stylish, useful as a chair for unexpected amount of guests. No matter if you have one or many, they are always good to have, even if you use it as s storage boxes in the corner of your room, it will poke your eyes less then some carton boxes.

Unusual shape

Wonderful sitting stool with storage room in unusual shape, and also comes in different colors. It can be very useful to use on your balcony also. It is easy to take it inside if it rains, and looks very stylish in every corner of the room. I would suggest combination of different colors.

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Classic shape

If you are into classical shapes (but not the colors) I have found a perfect one for you. No matter if it goes to kids room, living room, balcony or a terrace, fits and looks good. If you are using it for your kids room it can be useful as a game to play for your kids. Tell them to make the box by themselves and that the goal is to put as many toys possible inside to win the game. You get their room cleaned from toys on the floor, and they get to play. I suggest various colors.

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Big one

The bigger the better. In this case I would agree with the saying. Gives you more space to store, looks very stylish because of non-classical wooden legs and attached cover. It looks pretty modern and it fits in every room, no matter if your furniture is traditional because wooden legs make this piece also fitting, or if you have more modern styled furniture. It brightens up the area and allows you to fit more belongings inside. Very grateful piece of furniture or deco.

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