Decorative curtains


Decorating your home area is always hard work, today you like this, and tomorrow that.

But there are few easy things you can do to make your living area refreshed without spending a lot of money, or doing huge makeovers.
You can do that with nice curtains. When you dont like them anymore – just take them of, and its new place again.

Bright one

For big living room, with a lot of light, I suggest you to take yellow, thick one. They wont take away your light with their color, but they will sure protect you from sun when you need them.

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Second choice curtains

As always I give you another option, but still let us not forget our focus of decoration that can be pretty but also very useful. Decorative curtains come in various colors, and most people go for darker ones when it comes to decorating bedroom. Here is my choice of design, and you choose your favorite color.

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Short decorative courtains

If you are more into short courtains, there is a solution for you too. Honestly I am not a fan of short courtains but when I saw these, I thought this would look perfect in a room with large and high position windows. Because if you cover large windows with large courtains, it takes away your space. But if you do it with a bit shorter one – you just got the bingo. Luckily it comes in various colors, so you actually have choice no matter what your main color in living area is.

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