Are penguins sad, or happy

What is being happy…

To fly is a very nice possibility, it’s what makes us happy, our wings. Our wish of reachings highs. I used to have wings. They were very beautiful, with lots of nice feathers. They were taking me to a fantasy world.
Sometimes happened that one feather fell off. That used to minimize my happiness because my feathers were very beautiful. But as long as I could fly, I managed to forget the fallen off feathers. Because when you still have enough of it, and when you are still able to fly then it’s not so hard to forget a few feathers, even though they were very beautiful.

What is being sad…

But, as time roll, when the number of lost feathers was higher, it started to make a difference. It started to hurt… The good thing is that I was still able to fly, but it became harder, I´ve got tired easily. But, as long as I could fly, I tried to reach the heights. I learned to try harder.

Today I think I can’t fly anymore. I lost track, but I think my last feather was taken. Because they were very beautiful, and because who knew that taking away one feather can make a difference. Noone, but one after another, it builds up. In the end, no feathers for me, no wings, no heights.

And what really matters…

Then I think to myself – penguins. They used to be able to fly, now they can’t. Time took their ability to fly. And what have they done? Did they stop trying? To fly, perhaps. But to be happy – never. They used their weakness and turned it into their strength. they can swim! Yes, they can, and how.
Am I going to become a penguin one day, maybe. Today certainly not. Tomorrow also not. But someday I will turn around and I will see myself swimming. Not today, but someday.
I won’t be missing heights, because I will be explorings depths. A new world, a very new beginning.
So no, I don’t think penguins are sad. I think they are brave and strong for not letting themselves go. they found a new way to be happy again. maybe even happier.