Childhood dreams

Do you have a hobby? Sounds like a question for a 5th grader. But I really mean it. When you were younger what were your wishes? You now, those things you wanted to do when you grow up. Wonder how many people actually follow their dreams. Guessing not a lot, because whenever I hear about those people it’s always presented as some news, as something unusual. OK, I understand that we all change our views as we grow up, sometimes we get interested in some other things and sometimes we just go with the flow and use given chances instead of chasing ones we actually really want.

Reaching out for memories

But anyways, let say we have to work to survive. We have to have a steady job, because of all this adult stuff like paying rent, bills etc. But how many of us remember childhood dreams. How many follow them at least in form of a hobby. Or some little satisfaction that we grant ourselves in some free time that we have.

While writing I am thinking about my dreams and wishes. And I understand that life serves us different things, and our choices determine what we are. So if I am choosing some things that earlier weren’t on my wish list, does that mean my wishes change and grow with me? Answer is in a simple 90s hit “if it makes you happy”.

My decisions

I made once a huge step, quit my steady, I may even say nice job, change the country also and started again. And you what, it made me happy. Even though I still haven’t achieved my goal, it made me happy to know that I tried. And I am still trying.Sometimes I think about some hobbies. Just to fulfill my free time. And I really wish everyone has a chance to do that, like I am trying to do. As I was little, I used to write some poems. They were really funny and childish. But then again so was I. Then I even started to write some novel, I don’t know now what happened to those few sheets I wrote. But still, no matter if it was good or not, it was a thing that made me happy, and this writing thing still does. I also like to sing. Even though I can’t get two tones together to sound good, it doesn’t matter, I sing (I just try not to torture others with my singing :)). Also, I like photography, and of course (as in other things) I am not especially good at it, but those are my photos, for and with my friends, and it makes me happy. So I take photos very often.

And that is my point. If you had a dream, but it didn’t go well, or maybe you weren’t the best at it (at some other people criteria) you can still do it. For yourself. Go for it.