Being an idiot funny

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well, it can be funny, if it ends up good. My funny story of being an idiot begins with an excitement. We ordered a sofa. It was very good offer so we ordered it online without even seeing it live. We have picked up a delivery date that matches with my day off. It was a sunny Thursday. As usual I started my day pretty early with my morning coffee. Looked up on the app to see the delivery status. It said they are going to be there between 1 and 4 pm. So I waited. And then I got a call that they will be there in approximately half an hour. I was so excited. Like a little child. So, I was looking through my kitchen window so I can see the delivery truck parking. And it did. I went downstairs to main entrance of the building so I can open the door to make it easier for the carrier. I opened the door and waited.

The man approached and he asked if he could see my apartment first so they can easier carry it in. The idiot me agreed and we climbed the 6 stairs to my apartment. I said it was 1st floor so the man was happy about it. And then…

A problem

We saw it, we saw my closed entrance door – CLOSED. And I had no key. Idiot, or what. That was sooooo stupid. How could I have forgotten the key?!? The delivery man didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I was pretty embarrassed.


I thought first they can bring the sofa to the entrance and I can wait my husband to come from work (in three hours) so the two of us carry it inside. But I remembered leaving a kitchen window open so I offered an alternative (not so bad idea for an idiot). In case they have some latter someone can climb through the window and open the door for us from inside. Luckily they had some latter, but pretty short one.

One of the delivery guys climbed up and it was so funny, he was afraid if I had a dog inside, but since my answer was negative his only worry was about someone seeing him climb through the window in someones apartment.

I repeat that I was still so embarrassed.

Who in the world looks itself outside the apartment when furniture delivery comes?!? Idiot.

So luckily it didn’t take long till the three of them brought the thing inside and went.

I think I made their day so funny. He said that they deliver a lot but this thing never happened.

I mean what are the odds.

Next time when you order delivery, remember my story and don’t try to help like I did with opening the main entrance door. Or any other way. That is why they invented inter-phone and doorbell.