Finding true love

I have listened once a speech that Steve Jobs gave to students. He was talking about connecting dots. In a way that you will stumble various situations in your life, most of them will seem useless, but nothing you ever learn can be useless. All the situation you encounter are lessons, or dots you need to memorize and learn from then. Until the time you are able to connect the dots. Then you can be successful, and that is the time you will be able to see the whole picture. Without the dots, picture can’t be clearly seen.This way of thinking can be applied in all life situations. The one in business as well as in love.

Real life love story

There is a friend of mine. Just a normal girl, studying and struggling to make her carrier. To fulfill her dream, a dream that we all have – to be useful and successful in our lives.But something was missing. Like in most life stories – you can’t have it all. Good student, decent person willing to help. But sometimes unhappy. Because all dots weren’t connected.

She had few relationships, some were good, other ones not so. But until you make few mistakes in your life, it’s harder to find solution. Trying and failing makes us stronger of we learn to take advantage of our fails.

She felt like she was missing something something in her life, and it was love.

But she also new that you can’t force these things to happen. So she decided to live an wait.

And she did. But she was on her friends wedding (a.k.a mine) and felt the beauty of the love in the air that she wished the same for her. And she decided to wish it stronger. Not to lose hope, to wish it and to wait.

And then…

Just a few months later, a nice guy walked into her life and change her whole being. Not her as a person, not her essential, but he woke up the best in her.

It is marvelous to see her smile when she is around him, and even when he is not physically there.

Makes you think that there is actually “the right person” out there, or how some people like to call it “your other half”. She found hers.

She said once she doesn’t feel like she deserves that kind of beautiful and perfect person in her life, but I would say that he is not perfect. None is perfect, not her, not him. They are just mature enough to recognize what they want from life, and in life.

When you are too young, when you are not mature enough, you search for perfection in a wrong way. Sometimes you go for the looks, or you search for a specific thing in a person to have. But then when you are mature, when you made some mistakes, you had a chance to learn wrong from right, you had a chance to neglect the surface and follow the trace that leads inside. To learn to recognize, what I would say are, the right choices.

Even when you look at their still, spontaneous pictures you can see the happiness in their eyes. Because it is not about that who the person near you is, it is about what can that person wake up in you. If you find someone who can make you smile, every day – it’s the one. A person that makes you wanna be a better person, the one that wakes up spring in your soul. And a person that makes your soul laugh. “The one” is that person that wakes up your feelings even for other people, makes you more compassionate , make you wanna stay in touch with the world around you. When you can even say “I am happy”. But really mean it. You won the lottery of your life