Mobile games

Who plays mobile games? Most of us do it, we play. No matter how old, or what profession we are. Personally, I have few of my games that I play daily. Mostly while driving in a public transport, or waiting, sometimes also with my morning coffee. It takes my time, and gives me a little bit of fun. I am the kind of player that likes to play tetris, quiz games or scrabble, not a real gamer. Sometimes I just want to waste my time, or fulfill my time, I am not sure.


When did mobile games start? Can you recall? Was it the famous „snake“, or wasn’t it. My first phone wasn’t Nokia phone, but now I wish it was. Breaking the records, eating your head, it was fun to play it. Back in 1997 it was fun, when it started, and I bet it would have been fun now, 20 years later. Actually the first mobile game was Tetris but Snake made it better through. My favorite game still is Tetris, I don’t know why, some say mobile games improve memory, and sometimes I take that as justification. You may say I am not playing, I am improving my memory.

Do you sometimes ask yourself – what’s wrong with mobile games? Actual question can be “what’s wrong with me?”. You see, I sit in a tram full of people, and a lot of them are playing games. There are so many variations, from strategies, to breaking some strawberries, or diamonds. Sometimes we are looking like zombies. Especially while walking. Bet you bump on at least one person, one tree or one of the stairs daily just because you are in your own, mobile game world instead of looking your way.

What makes mobile games popular? Is it because we like to waste our time, or we are afraid to think, so we put all our brain on stand by, and do some automatic actions that become almost like reflex. When you wait for someone – with your phone, playing a game. You travel – with your phone, playing a game. You lay to bed – with your phone, playing a game.

How about – you wait for someone with thoughts about this person and time spent with her; you travel looking through a window and thinking about natures imperfections; you go to bed in peace without any noise, just with your thoughts about a good day. But NO, it all involves out brain too much, it’s easier if we avoid thinking.