Phone breakdown

Remark: Not relevant for Nokia 3310 owners.

I am sure we all had one of those. In one way or another our phones are like really good friends (boyfriends/girlfriends) – you can’t live with them, can’t without them. Especially if you are person like me. I just don’t have luck when it comes to gadgets, especially mobile phones. As my last phone broke down I was wondering – why me, why again. Why is my phone broken. But then again I am wondering home come I’m still not used to that. When you brake 4 phones in a row and 2 previous get stolen, you would have think it’s something to get used to. Anyways, it’s just broken glass, the phone itself works pretty well, though little warrior.

When it comes to it…

So what to do with broken phone. If you’re lucky (like me) and you fight with broken glass, just keep your head up and call it a piece of art. You are special and so is your phone. You can always daydream looking at it and imagine different shapes that the broken glass gives. If you’re less lucky, then your less lucky, break the piggy jar and buy yourself a new one. My advice (previous experience) – don’t buy a lousy one, because sooner or later it will fail you when you need it the most (but don’t you always need it the most). And if you’re lucky and have insurance on it, then your lucky to get a new one pretty soon. That’s what good about broken phone with insurance.

Anyways no matter when it happens, and why it happens it always gives you a little breakdown, as it breaks. Funny thing – if some of you are short tempered, I am sure you tried to break it yourself in state of anger, but somehow, that little funny gadget can survive it. Dangerous things are – falling down from 20 cm high while your sitting and chatting with someone. Who would it say that is so dangerous.

My mom told me I shouldn’t be having phone at all. Or eventually something like Nokia 3310. Note to all readers owning Nokia phone – thank you for reading, and sorry for wasting your time, this subject is for you science fictional fantasy.


So what do you think, is the phone insurance worth it, seems like I’m the kind of person they invented it for, but every time you buy a new phone – you overthink it, “maybe this time it will last till I decide on my own that I want a better one”, “It’s too much money and I will keep my eyes better on this one”. And it never is. And you rarely do.