TV Series

I enjoy watching movies, series.. especially thrillers, actions, crime.. and I have a partner, my husband, he does not share my love for seventh art. He cannot be still and watch with me, he “sleeps” most of the time, and keeps questioning me during the movie that I am also watching for the first time. So in the end, we decided just to avoid that, I am watching movies on my own time, alone.

Turning point

And then… a miracle happened. He was talking to a friend and that friend made some comparison with Del Boy (Only fools and horses), and my man told me he has never seen an episode from “Only fools and horses”.

I was shocked so we decided to give it a try. And he liked it. We watch it together every day, only an episode or two a day.

This is the first time we enjoyed some series together, and it makes our together time even nicer. We laugh together more, it is like Del Boy and Rodney improved our relationship in a way. It is too bad that there are only 8 seasons to watch (plus few episodes from season 9).

Only fools and horses gave me a hope about sharing my passion with my man.