Wedding dress

Sweet dress worries and how they don’t have to be important

I read once such a good saying. It says that you have to have a plan and a goal in your life. If plan doesn’t work don’t change the goal, just change the plan. I have really been thinking about it and I really like the idea. I am trying to live a little bit in according to these saying. And also I try not to forget to put myself sometimes in a first place when I make plans. This is a year of planing for me actually. I am planing my wedding and I have to say it’s not an easy task always. But everything goes a lot better when I stop to worry too much. It goes as it goes and whether I worry or not at some things I can not make any influence.

How it went

For example I’ve found a wedding dress online that I wanted to have. Made an appointment in a store where they have the dress. I thought it is going to be 15min job. My plan was to come, try the dress on and book it. But as usual not everything goes as planned. The owner had some issues about renting me the dress because I am to skinny for her taste (!!!). She wasn’t into correcting the dress by my measures (because she had a bigger dress that needed to be corrected). And then I just went to another store, picked up few dresses, tried them on and chose one. It’s not the dress that I wanted, I’m not even sure if I like it that much, but I just wanted to cross that out from my check list and so I did. Plan successfully changed but goal remained, I have a wedding dress.


Anyways I was thinking later and thought to myself why I chose the dress that I don’t really like, but the answer that I gave myself is pretty simple, I ain’t going to worry about a dress, she is pretty it is just not my style, but neither are weddings but still I am having one.

In the end it’s all about perspective. There is no point of worrying and giving myself (yourself) a headache over one day, one dress.

And yeah, it also helps to have a friend, a fiance who can really understand and support you in times of worry, no matter if you worry about little or big things. I luckily have that, so in the end why should I worry about some dress, apparently I have made the right choices with the man I love, I am sure that nothing else regarding the wedding day can be more important than that. Choose wise 🙂