The big “I do”

Or you may also call the THE WEDDING. So, what when is 6 month away. I know the best, cause mine comes in 6 months. Well that was a little lie, because I have no idea what to do. I am marrying for the first time, how am I suppose to know. Plus I am not “dream about this day” type of a girl. I have no idea what wedding dress am I going to wear. You ask yourself when to get ready? Let me try to help. From my experience, if you want a big wedding (let say circa 400 guests), than you have to think about 3 things in advance, and when I say in advance I mean almost year in advance. Three most important things are the place (location), photographer and band.

How it works

How wedding works. First you get engaged and you are happy about it during the time you share good news with people who you are close to. And then. Boom. You already have to prepare yourself to prepare a wedding. Most of the people marry just once, and have no idea what they are suppose to do. And of course, we all want a wedding like no other.

The plan

So first thing first. You have to decide the date, and place. In my case, I found a place and than chose from their available dates one that suits me and my boyfriend the most.

Next step is to hire a photographer, and that is not easy thing to do, because now when you have a specific date, not all of the good ones are available, so choose wisely.

And sugar in the end, the band. Most of the time music is the most important thing on a wedding. They keep the atmosphere just in a right level in a right time. They rule, they lead. And if you already have specific date, you can expect some obstacles cause some of them might not be available. And that goes only if you are trying to book only year in advance (my experience).

And then you have it all. Just kidding. Now are coming all the details which take most of your time, money and nerves. Invitations, thanks cards/gifts, decoration, wedding dress, rings, shoes, suit, tie, colors, shapes… and then you are lost.

If I may advice you, take it easy. It will all be just fine.

Are wedding menus necessary? Not, if you ask me. Your guests are there because of you two, not the food you are serving. Whether you put those extra menus or not, no-one will notice. Save yourself at least that trouble.


Even though you are preparing wedding for the guests, and you want to make sure everything goes just right, you have to think about yourself also, keep calm, take it easy and smile.

Whatever goes wrong, it will just one more memorable thing to laugh at in few years.

Do not worry about flowers, if your guest are there because of you, they will not notice if your flowers decorations did not go as you planned to. Do not worry about shoes. Buy comfortable ones so you can dance all night, wear Converse Chucks, who cares as long as you have fun.

It is your party. If you are preparing it for you and your man, than relax about the shoes, just dance… if you are preparing it for your guests, than also relax, because people like happy and relaxed people, and if your feet are sour because of uncomfortable fancy shoes, than noone is happy.

Stay calm, cool, and enjoy. It will all be over sooner then you think.