Who wore it… worse

What was your worst outfit? I have many of them. For example this morning, i was on my way to the basement in an outfit “whatever noone will see me”, and as I opened the door from my apartment, a neighbour came by, and then I met another one as walking down the stairs. Crowded with neighbours.

Unwanted neighbours

The best neighbours are those who you don’t see, don’t hear and don’t know. Except when you need help from someone. I meet my neighbours very very rarely, probably because we don’t have the same rhytme. Or if I may say, it is because they have rhytme, but I don’t. But this morning, as I was wearing my old leggins, some lousy T-shirt, big sporty white socks and old sneakers. Outfit in which I don’t like appearance in the mirror. And then, one neighbour, two neighbours. They saw me. Unpleasure appearance. I wish they didn’t, they wish they didn’t.

Breaking the record

Normaly, as I said before, I meet my neighbours very rarely. Let’s say, one in a week. So, why today extraordinary has happen, 3 of in the hallway at the time. Unhealthy enviroment. Definitely unhealthy.

And then again

But neighbours are good, no man is an island, as they say. It is good to be surrounded with people. Especially when you are an idiot like me who has tendenties to lock itself outside apartment. They are there to help, and I am lucky to have them. So lucky that I decided not to scare poor people around, and I will wear my hair and clothes properly in situation which require stepping out of my apartment, no matter if it is only to pick up mail, or to take over delivery, pizza or lasagne.