Women are magicians

Random item “what are you looking for”

How do I know my husband is searching something in a room? It is pretty easy to recognize that pose. He stands quietly in a middle of the room and waits. Waits for me to ask “what are you looking for” so he tells me what he needs and I give him coordinates of a wanted item.

You know, even if you need a plate (that stays believe it or not in the kitchen), he will still be standing in a living room (if I am there) and wait to be asked the famous question “what are you looking for”.

Daily agony

Or there is another type or searching, and that is when he is in a hurry. Most of the time he is looking for keys, wallet or something that he put somewhere evening before. I am lying in bed and looking how he searches something.

He walks anxiously from a room to a room. Pretty upset. And then I step up to stop his agony and say “your keys are on the kitchen window”. Or “your wallet is on the TV sideboard”. And everything is nice and peaceful again, I can go to sleep again.

I wonder if he would act the same if he lived alone. Is this kind of his behavior developed because of my help or his agony in searching would have really lasted longer without my help. And this is not just a isolated case. All my female friends can confirm that these things happen in every household that involves a male person living there.

But I still can’t stop to wonder, why and how can’t they sometimes just remember where some things belong. Is it a problem to put keys everyday on a same place, so you just automatically pick them up on your way out and avoid all this trouble almost every day. And I can add thousands of examples. When he looks for his favorite T-shirt in a closet it is not there, but as soon as I walk into a room and open a closet – there it is. Unbelievable or? Are we women real magicians or what, I cant find another explanation.