Clutch bag

Coffee in your favorite coffee shop, or a special occasion dinner, or shopping day when you know you will be coming home with a lot of bags, and only to bring your wallet does not seems to be a good idea because you still need your smartphone, your wipes, and your mascara.

Clutch is the answer. And I know when your hear clutch you think on a long dress on a red carpet. Well let me advise you, clutch is all occasion bag. But be careful, there are different styles, and I will guide you through.

We will have to have subcategories this time.Let us start with evening clutch, our first idea of wearing a clutch bag. As always you have 3 choices.

The black clutch

And there is a bingo, if you are wearing any kind of a dress, a little black clutch with a chain will make you look fabulous, it can hold your favorite belongings and still does not ruin your look. Black dress, red dress, any color, pimp up your style, or make the bag invisible, with this one is everything possible. Always good to have.

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The special clutch

If you like to put an accent on your bag I would say this baroque bag will do just fine, modern granny bag with crystals and rocks makes you shine through the night.

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The elegant clutch

Elegant and nice, for a true lady, goes in every summer occasion. No matter are your wearing a cocktail dress, flower print or a pencil skirt in any color. This blush colored clutch makes you look like a true lady.

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Wedding dress

Sweet dress worries and how they don’t have to be important

I read once such a good saying. It says that you have to have a plan and a goal in your life. If plan doesn’t work don’t change the goal, just change the plan. I have really been thinking about it and I really like the idea. I am trying to live a little bit in according to these saying. And also I try not to forget to put myself sometimes in a first place when I make plans. This is a year of planing for me actually. I am planing my wedding and I have to say it’s not an easy task always. But everything goes a lot better when I stop to worry too much. It goes as it goes and whether I worry or not at some things I can not make any influence.

How it went

For example I’ve found a wedding dress online that I wanted to have. Made an appointment in a store where they have the dress. I thought it is going to be 15min job. My plan was to come, try the dress on and book it. But as usual not everything goes as planned. The owner had some issues about renting me the dress because I am to skinny for her taste (!!!). She wasn’t into correcting the dress by my measures (because she had a bigger dress that needed to be corrected). And then I just went to another store, picked up few dresses, tried them on and chose one. It’s not the dress that I wanted, I’m not even sure if I like it that much, but I just wanted to cross that out from my check list and so I did. Plan successfully changed but goal remained, I have a wedding dress.


Anyways I was thinking later and thought to myself why I chose the dress that I don’t really like, but the answer that I gave myself is pretty simple, I ain’t going to worry about a dress, she is pretty it is just not my style, but neither are weddings but still I am having one.

In the end it’s all about perspective. There is no point of worrying and giving myself (yourself) a headache over one day, one dress.

And yeah, it also helps to have a friend, a fiance who can really understand and support you in times of worry, no matter if you worry about little or big things. I luckily have that, so in the end why should I worry about some dress, apparently I have made the right choices with the man I love, I am sure that nothing else regarding the wedding day can be more important than that. Choose wise 🙂

Dial up internet

Well thats a painful subject. You can even start talking about it using fairy phrases like “a long time ago”… well, I remember it existing, and even using it (which is more terrifying). Let me refresh your memory my fellas. Do you know what year dial up internet commercially started – it was 1992, can you imagine. Of course, not all of us were so technically advanced to use it right away, but still, to know it was 25 years ago when it started makes you feel a bit odd/old.


Can you remember the sound? It was connecting to another galaxy. Like you can hear aliens speaking, and then it starts. First what you do is open internet explorer. Poor little thing, as slow as he is, he still managed to open some home page. And as soon as you start typing – your mom yells “get off of the internet, I need to make a phone call”. Remember that? It was either… or.. and the speed.. I think that made us (late) 80s kids a bit more tolerant and patient, because dial up internet thought us if you want something – you need to learn how to wait, and wait, and wait… And eventually, we were provided with information. Its speed of 20kbit/s. Just to compare, today’s average internet speed of average household is 20Mbit/s, just a thousand times faster. It was the time when less smart asses were bragging with stories, because for every little subject they were right about before, now you could have google it”. And win a lot of arguments with facts, you had to chance to be smarter (if you wanted it).


But now, we take everything for granted. If youre mobile internet connections speed decreases, youre already annoyed, inpatient, pissed off. Do you know who still uses dial up internet? Your first thought may be – no-one, but ewer, youre wrong. Of course, its not a significant number, but there are people in rural environment, still using dial up internet. I wonder how does it feel now (not that I would change it)? Now when they still can connect, maybe it isnt so slow if you think about the fact that those people probably have better equipment (such as modems, and computers) than we used to.

It would have been fun to try it now and then. To pick up few memories of patience while you try to order some piece of clothes on sale, or gadget on auction. I bet it would be funny to try to participate in an auction. Till you click one time to type an offer – it was already sold among 200 other faster clickers. But then again, you are patient. Your time will come.

Side table

Oooh I love those, don’t you. I use one for candles, one for flowers in vase, and one just for anything that feels good at a moment. I use one as a mobile side table, when friends come they get their own table for their coffee, I make them feel special that way. Or to put a laptop beside your bed in a perfect position while I watch some movie. Or to put an old phone that I use in decoration purpose only. I don’t know, I feel like those side tables give every place something special, makes every corner has its purpose. Just choose what would you like to highlight it with.

Good thing about them is that they are pretty small, preferable not heavy and try to have them in different styles to make your living place more like you, relaxed and joyful.

The classical side table

Let us start with the classical one, I think every second household has one of these somewhere in the house. But why to cover it, on neglect it. Make it your own special thing. Use all four edges that it gives you. Old bouquet of flowers that dried, candles or Christmas lights. All those things that you put in a basement you can put in your living room and let it brighten your space and mind


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The retro side table

If you like natural things, a bit of retro and glimpse of old fashion than this is the one for you. Imagine putting some old phone you find in your parents basement. And then under put a telephone book, if you can find. Or just put any kind of book. Every time you look at it it can take you back to childhood memories. Those when you actually were sitting next to the phone waiting for a call from a friend in time when smartphones and internet were still long away from their discovery.

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The special side table

If you are into special design, then I have a side table for you. It doesn’t require any kind of extras, it speaks for it self, but still there is room for a lamp or candle, or a nice vase. I prefer color white, but the choice is all yours.

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A lamp

You know what is good to style up your living area. Your answer is in the headline. A lamp. And not just any kind of it, but one of those I advise you to get. Brightens up the corner, gives your signature to the living room, and as a decoration does 70% of all you need to have in your living room except the furniture. As always I give you three options, and you choose.

Industrial lamp

If you are into industrial design, and you have modern styled living room, then this is the one you are looking for. Neutral color, perfect style. You probably won’t be using the standard light you used to after you put this beauty in your living room.

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Flower lamp

A five headed monster, if it can fit in your living room – buy it. It looks gorgeous, like a bouquet of flowers that lights up your day. Even at day time when you don’t need it for light, it will definitely be part of your living room that takes all eyes on her. I like the fact that there are white glass bowls on it, makes the space brighter.

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Retro lamp

And of course the retro lamp, it brings a dash of 50’s in your living room, or it can make your bed room more romantic. Silky material shines even with the light of. Traditional design, very elegant, almost like in fairy tales.

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Daily clutch

So i was saying, there are clutch bags for daily usage. I mean jeans, ac/dc t-shirts or converse shoes, or even business clutch, or coffee clutch.

Here are my choices for you my stylish ladies.

The black one

The one to wrap around your wrist and put your hand in a pocket. Keeps your belongings near to you. No more to say. Except extraordinary price

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The invisible one

The invisible bag, fits to almost everything, nice suite, jeans or A skirt, put it around your wrist and you can even ride your bicycle on your way to coffee.

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The casual one

If you are into casual color and style, leather is the only thing I can image you with. Neutral color, even with a winter boots make you look stylish and not „too much“ whenever you need it.

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The backpack

Backpack made its way from school to trendsetters. Incredible jump in a fashion world. Who would have said it will become a must have item. But if you have one, or are you wishing yourself one then you know what I am talking about. Keeping your stuff safe, and your hands free. Bingo!

The elegant backpack

Let us start with trendsetters. Practical, very elegant and gentle backpack, for ladies who never even dream about wearing a backpack. But a woman has to keep up with the trends. And still, not to waste money.

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The black blackpack

Riding a bike, late again. The red light on the traffic light is guilty again. You still have to print those papers. Luckily all your documents and maps fit perfect in your bag on your back. And you look as stylish as never before.

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The old school one

Little miss princess, you like soft fabrics, nice and gentle colors. Your jeans jacket with a breath of old school. I have just the right thing for you. Big pocket, small pocket. Very light but very strong, just like yourself.

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